NeoLife Nutritional Testimonies.

Nutrients do not heal your body, but they do provide the building blocks to your body’s own healing.

September 2014 Ontario

January 2014 Ontario

Athlete Testimonials


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  1. Jean Betz /

    Please send me some testimonies of what your product is doing for people.

  2. Debra Campbell /

    Louis,I just wanted to Thank you and Vickie for coming to Lakeland and sharing all you knowledge of Food and Nutrition with us! It was Powerful and life changing. I am looking forward to much more training and working with you all for years to come. You are both God sent……… I am so greatful for GNLD! ,and the impact it is and is going to have on peoples lives. Hope to see you all soon . Happy thanksgiving to you and your family’s may the Lord our God,the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob Bless you keep you all in all you do in Jesus name I pray Amen

  3. Lakeland Eaglettes /

    Hey Louie,
    We are looking forward to rocking Lakeland when you come. We are spreading our wings to fly high with diamond eyes!!!!

  4. Lillie Settles /

    I just had to share this exciting news. My brother-in-law has been on dialysis more than a year and was told by his nephrologist that his kidney would never work again. He has been on the Neolife supplements (Tre En En ) for 1 (one) month and when he went to dialysis on Monday 3/17/14 was told that less than a liter of fluid was removed : today Wednesday 3/19 he had no fluid to be removed . He said he’s been urinating during the night. We , along with him are soooo excited for this blessing and can only attribute it to God’s allowing us to be introduced to these the supplements by Michael and Tony.

  5. Lillie Settles /

    A couple months ago I shared about my brother in law taking these supplements and his kidney started working (when the doctor told him it would never work again) ; tomorrow the shunt will be removed because he has been taken OFF dialysis permanently . What amazing products!!!

  6. Liz Smith / Post Author

    Thank you so much for sharing you brothers story, we pray the best for you and your brother:)
    Neolife has been such a blessing to our health.

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